My December 2021 TBR

I’m coming in hot with the books on this month’s TBR. I hope to finish my Goodreads goal for this year, get into the Christmas spirit with some themed books, and review an ARC or two.

If you read my recent post, November 2021 Recap, then you’ll know I didn’t finish my TBR. There’s a big hope to finish it this month though. I have a week off between Christmas and the New Year, and if that doesn’t kick me into high gear to finish my goal out, I don’t know what will!

My list is pretty long and will truly be a stretch goal for this month. To be honest, I wish I’d counted before setting this, but I have nine books on the list. Considering they’re themed, I basically have to finish them in the next 31 days.

I’ve heard great things about all of these books. There’s obviously a theme here, and that one shows I am genuinely in love with the cartoonish cover and think it’s so cute. I wrote a previous post talking more about those covers, which can be found HERE. I plan to go further in-depth in a future post.

I’m looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit with these stories here. The one I’m looking forward to the most is Little Women. It’s been on my TBR forever, and this cozy time of year seems like the perfect time to pick it up.

Currently, I’ve started The Twelve Dates of Christmas. I’m about thirty pages in, and my initial review is that there are so many characters outside our main ones to keep track of that my head is spinning. I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint.

Do you have any of these books on this month’s list? I’d love to hear if you do or have other books I should maybe put on mine!


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