November 2021 Recap

November has come and gone. I, for one, cannot believe how fast it went. Out of all the months this year, November went the quickest. While I didn’t read everything on my TBR I set out to, I read four novels, one of which wasn’t on my TBR for the month.

While I greatly enjoy planning every month out, I am a mood reader, meaning I read what I want to at the moment. So sometimes it’s what was on the TBR. Other times, it’s a free for all!

If you haven’t read my reviews for my November reads, you can check them out here:

All of Us Villains
November 9
Girl, Unstrung
Wish You Were Here

Some stats you may find interesting…

My average score rating was 4.25 versus GoodReads at 4.11
Goodreads total ratings for all four books is 182,702. That’s like every person in Fort Lauderdale reviewing a book.
The book genres included fantasy/science fiction, romance, contemporary fiction, and ya fiction.

I really enjoyed this month’s reads. However, I’m finding it hard to keep up with my buying habit versus my reading speed. I’ll be talking about it more in tomorrow’s post, but my December TBR is pretty hefty as well.

What was your favorite book from this month?


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