The Sweetest Fix – Tessa Bailey Review

The Sweetest Fix – Tessa Bailey
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Four stars
You’ll enjoy it if grumpy/sunshine tropes are your thing

The Sweetest Fix was my first read of 2022 and I couldn’t have been happier that it was. It was a bit shorter than most of Tessa Bailey’s new books, but it was the perfect choice to ramp up my reading for the year. It’s available on Kindle Unlimited, as are a few of her other older novels.

The main character Reese is an aspiring Broadway dancer. When she misses her shot at the audition of a lifetime, she finds herself at The Cookie Jar bakery, unsure of what to do now that her life’s biggest dream is no longer a reality, but she has a plan. She then meets the owner, Leo, the son of the person she was supposed to audition for. Coincidence? Absolutely not. However, life never goes the way we planned, and Reese finds herself falling in love with Leo.

This is a sweet instant attraction story, and very much opposites attract. The grumpy/sunshine trope makes many of Tessa Bailey’s books, so fun to read.

I’m rating it four stars because a significant plot point was huge for the story’s first half, then ended rather abruptly. I won’t give away what it was, but I think I would have rated five stars had that come to a conclusion. It seemed as if it was supposed to be the secondary plot that would carry us through the novel.

Overall, I love Leo and Reese together and reading a story about Broadway dancing and New York City bakeries. It was very Hallmark in that way which is always a nice change of pace. It’s okay to love books that end happily and don’t make you question everything.

My next Tessa Bailey book will be Hook, Line, and Sinker, so keep an eye out for that review!


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