Gifts to Buy the Book Lover in Your Life

The holidays are in full swing, and you may be asking yourself, what do I get for the book lover in my life? Well, as a fellow reader, I have many ideas. The standard route of books is the obvious choice. Yet, even that can be daunting if you don’t know what genre your reader likes. There’s an overabundance of stuff these days, though we have no real idea what to get someone. So to make it easier on you, I’ve compiled a list of items you may think to yourself, “Wow, these ideas are so great? Why did I never think of them?” I got you.

Flippy Tablet Stand

I got this item for Christmas last year, and I love it. It has the softness and durability of a firm pillow, so it’s cozy and able to withstand being launched across a room. If I had to guess… I use my iPad and Kindle Paperwhite on it when I’m reading for long sessions. It saves my hands from cramping and has three stand angles. It also comes in various colors and patterns if you want to match your current decor and not have it stand out too much. It has nearly 13,000 reviews and is rated 4.7 stars.

Flippy tablet holder


I have two sets of bookends and love them. They’re lovely as a set on either side of books you want to showcase or individually on different shelves. There are so many out there, but I personally have heavy gray agate ones. Depending on the types of books they may be used for, heavier ones may be more necessary. Either way, it’s a cute way to dress up shelves. I’m linking ones that are similar to what I have.

Book Sleeve

There are many options to choose from, but book sleeves are a way to protect your books. Depending on what you are looking for, you can find them in various dimensions, styles, colors, with or without snaps, or pockets for an e-reader or pens. I just got my first one from a friend that has cartoonized versions of characters from the office and have an additional one on my Christmas list. Imagine this, a trip where your book doesn’t get damaged. Revolutionary. Where has this been?

The Office Book Sleeve

Wall Art

Art, in general, is usually a good call. It’s fun, personal, and adds something to bare walls. However, book art can make any office or library (if you’re so lucky) the ultimate book haven. Etsy has so many book art options that you won’t run out of any. Your choices range from literary art (quotes, first edition prints, or book stacks) to pets with books and custom book prints.

Nightstand Book Holder

Another item I received last year and one of my favorites. It doubles as a conversational piece if you want to showcase the latest novel you are reading or can act as a simple nightstand holder. I have mine in my office holding one of the many books I started and didn’t finish. I think it’s cool and initially envisioned it as a nightstand hub for my book and the tv remote inside. Either way, it’s so random and straightforward, which makes it pretty neat, in my opinion.

Book Holder

Book Tracking Journal

Again, there are many options, but this one may take really knowing your reader. Do they want to track pages read? Do they want to color in books? Do they want to write out mini-reviews? Some books have all of these features, some or additional. Then your options go to would they want digital or print? Most book readers would still enjoy having a physical tracker for what they read.

Cart or Shelving

Book carts are so popular right now and for a good reason. You can use them for shelving overflow, to showcase your favorite books, or to stockpile your to-be-read list. The metal, too, so you can customize them with magnets. There are less popular ones that are wooden and look a bit nicer. As for shelving, if your reader wants something more streamlined, this may be a better option. But, again, this option really depends on what the reader’s vision is for their space.

Book Cart

Subscription or Non-Subscription Book Box

Book boxes come as subscription or non-subscription boxes and can be a gift that lasts a year or a one-time purchase. There are several subscription boxes out there that exist. Some are more general or can lean towards a particular genre/fandom. They may include a book or two, fandom-related items, or just a book (Think Book of the Month club). As for non-subscription boxes, Etsy has many book hygee boxes that include tea or coffee, fuzzy socks, a book in the genre of your choice, and several other cute bookish accessories.

Note Taking Tools

If the reader in your life enjoys annotating books, then tools such as highlighters, tabs, or Post It notes may be a good option! I enjoy making notes in my books as I go then tabbing the pages so I can reread my favorite parts later. You can find regular tabs, Post It notes, or highlighters anywhere if you’re not looking for anything specific. However, if you want to up the annotating game, may I recommend pastel highlights, full-page lined Post It notes, or patterned tabs? It’s a way to personalize the annotating a bit more. I have the Post It notes and pastel highlighters I have listed here, and they work so well with my books!

Stamp or Embosser

I think a great way to mark your books is with a custom stamp or embosser. Etsy has so many options that it’s not hard to find something you or the person you’re buying for may like. You can get ones that allow you to fill your own name in or come ready to go for the stamps. For embossers, you can get book/library-specific ones or one with the person’s initials. It may be listed under wedding embosser, but don’t let that deter you from choosing that option.

Still Not Sure?

If you’re still stumped after this list, the best way I’ve found to locate book-related items is to type Bookish, Bookworm, or Booktok after a search. Amazon and Etsy are my usual go-to places, but so many small businesses sell fun book items online. If you want to add to your gift, candles, hot drink mixes, fun food items, book-related POP! Funkos or small book items like bookmarks, keychains, or writing prompt journals are always fun. If you still don’t know what to get them, chances are a bookstore gift card will do just the trick!

Misc Gifts

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