All of Us Villains – ARC Review – Publishing Date 11/9/2021

I received an advance reader copy of All of Us Villains from a local indie bookstore.

All of Us Villains by Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman
Publishing Date: November 9, 2021
Genre: Fantasy
Similar to: The Hunger Games in a fight to the death manner and Harry Potter with the use of magic

When I was given a copy of All of Us Villains, I thought, “Wow, this looks interesting. Oh, it’s The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter? Even better!” This story didn’t disappoint and left me wishing there were more to it to read. However, if you’re not a series reader and prefer one book only stories, you may not want to continue with this review as the story leaves us on a bit of a cliffhanger.

The first book in the All of Us Villains series is set in the town of IIvernath, where every twenty years, there is a blood bath of the seven powerful families of the city fighting for the use of high magick. The seven families choose a champion through their own methods to represent them and bring home the ultimate prize from the highest sacrifice.

Our story follows Alistair Lowe, Isobel Macaslan, Gavin Grieve, and Briony Thorburn by giving us their point of view every few chapters. We do, however, get insight into the other three champions, Finley Blair, Carbry Darrow, and Elionor Payne, through the perspectives of the main characters. The four stories we follow show us that one was never like the others, the one who never wanted to be a champion, the one who wanted to prove everyone wrong, and the one who tried to change the narrative. It’s a complex saga of love, loss, and overcoming the challenge each champion was born to compete in.

I rated this book five stars because the writing beautifully described the agony these teenagers were going through, whereas others wanted the glory that came at a steep price. The world-building was done in a way that made you feel like you were there, either a townsperson viewing or as a champion themself. If you liked the “fight to the death, but change the outcome of it” scenario from The Hunger Games, then this book is for you. If Harry Potter is one of your favorite series due to the magic spells used, this will also be a win in your book.

While I’m not ready for the long wait for the sequel, I can already imagine how fantastic it’s going to be.

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