The Love Hypothesis – Ali Hazelwood Review

There are no spoilers in the following review.

If you haven’t read The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood yet and you love cute romcoms where both main characters are clueless about the other person’s feelings, then this book is for you! There is enough angst that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat because you just. want them. to get. together already.

This is the kind of book you start and can’t stop until you’ve finished it. So many people were talking about how great it was and I kept putting it off. I wish I hadn’t and I also wish I could read it again for the first time. It took me less than two days to read in between work and other priorities.

Hazelwood made this book so enjoyable by including bits and pieces of her own life studying neuroscience while translating those experiences into what we see with Adam and Olive. It was so great to see the graduate school experience play out in a book. Not to mention focusing on the STEM experience as a woman. We love it and I’m so happy to see it. As someone who went to graduate school as well, I enjoyed this aspect of the story quite a bit.

As for this couple, if Hazelwood decided to write a sequel of what happens next, I’m sure myself and the tens of thousands of other readers would pre-order it (or be in line on pub day ready to snatch it up).

If you like Christina Lauren books, you should definitely add this to your to-be-read pile. However, if that isn’t convincing enough, consider the following stats (as of Oct 27, 2021):

  1. Goodreads
    • 4.47 stars
    • 63,488 ratings
    • 11,959 reviews
  2. Amazon
    • 4.7 stars
    • 4,062 ratings

My rating is 5 stars all the way. I absolutely loved this book and it’s easily a top favorite of this year!

Have you read The Love Hypothesis?


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