July TBR

The heat of the summer hasn’t gotten to my head yet, and I’m still here ready and willing to overshoot my “to be read” goal per the usual. Every month, I think about what’s on the agenda, what weekend activities there are, then ask myself, “Is this realistic?” If the answer is no, which it so often is, I reduce my stack to something that sounds more doable (and even then, I don’t reach my goals), but this is for fun, so I don’t mind if I can’t reach them!

Anyway, my TBR consists of some books I picked up from my library and one I purchased last week at Barnes and Noble.

  1. Big Summer – Jennifer Weiner
  2. Meg and Jo – Virginia Kantra
  3. Lonely Hearts Bookshop Series (3) – Annie Darling
  4. Meet Me in Another Life – Catriona Silvey

Okay, so yes, this has me at six books on my TBR for July, but as I said, I’m never realistic, and my goals are overarching, and honestly, I’m not sure I’ll even stick to these, but I can dream right?

Here’s to a happy, healthy, book-filled, maybe I’ll reach my goals, but we never know, July!



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